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Basements are Usable Space!

Nothing is impossible when it comes to tricky basement plumbing strategies to make use of basement space. From pumps and feeds to basement showers and third bathrooms First Class Plumbing has done it all. For surprisingly affordable prices you can make use of that storage space. Imagine coming home to a therapeutic bath or Jacuzzi tub installed where space is simply wasting away.

What Else Can You Use Basement Space For?

Not just for additional bathroom types but also water reclamation or filtration systems, from tank to tankless water heaters and the list goes on. These can be added to your inline plumbing at affordable rates and most upgrades pay for themselves by either your energy bills bottom line or your personal comfort.

No one should shower in a hot to warm to COLD shower! And how is the quality of your home’s incoming water? These problems can be addressed.

Please call us! We can and will help you in your basement inefficiency in both its space and energy consumption but also your quality of comfort and overall health.

First Class plumbing is your Massachusetts plumbing specialists. For more information Please call Chris Praetsch at (508)498-9006

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