Custom Marble Dual Rainshower Walk-in

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Custom Marble Dual Rainshower Walk-in

Marble & Tile Shower Installation

We all know that it’s the little things that we appreciate the most but studies have shown that happiness “can start in the bathroom”. That’s right, the bathroom is often tied to the least amount of emotionally charged objects. From your cozy bath mat to a relaxing shower curtain your bathroom can make you happier.

All the options went into this truly first class installation.  During the week of rough plumbing, measurements within 1/8th of an inch paid off as the double Rainshower® showerheads, body sprays and individual volume controls where finalized by the beautiful marble you see in the featured image.

Grohe Luxury Hardware

Grohe Rainshower® hardware is among industries top quality shower hardware. Not only are they spectacular on an ergonomical level but claims to “last a lifetime.” Be sure to check out if not for inspiration then for an impressive window shopping experience. Grohe brings elegance to shower hardware and found a well deserved home in our Franklin Marble Bathroom project.

Custom Marble

There is much to be said about custom marble being used to construct a walk in shower. The benefits are obvious and the installation is tedious but deciding between the two major high end options, marble or tile, can still be a tough choice. We hope that you contact us to discuss the technicalities of both.

Be sure to take a look at the matching marble tub to this outstanding shower on it’s own page.

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  1. 3-1-2016

    Would like to get a quote on a shower replacement. The bottom of our one piece stand up shower is cracked so we will need the whole thing replaced.

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