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The Simple Bathroom

Bathroom Renovations in Bellingham

We come across a lot of problem bathrooms and sometimes renovation is the only answer. Although budget is almost always the dominating factor, sometimes necessity (or health standards)  make the decision for homeowners. If you take a look at the featured image on this page it displays what simplicity can do for any bathroom. A great new tub, nothing super high end but still an upgrade you can get excited about. The blue paint and new trim compete for the brightest room in the house and nothing feels more clean than a brand new toilet.

Don’t DIY Bathroom

Although Lowes and Home Depot love to empower traditional homeowners to “do-it-yourself” bathroom plumbing is full of unforeseen problems. Within the walls lay possible rot, intricate plumbing and Massachusett’s state plumbing regulations that are just as dirty. The demolition procedure has a bad rep but is completely painless when done correctly. First Class Plumbing has all the experience necessary to see your bathroom project from conception to perfection!

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  1. 5-19-2014

    Hi Chris

    You did some work for us in the past and our wives use to work together at The Gap. We are in the process of obtaining some estimates to replace the shower insert, toilet etc.. in the master bathroom. I was wondering if you can provide an estimate for us? We live in Mendon.

    Peter & Sorcha DeFrancesco

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