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Shower Upgrades

A First Class Shower Upgrade

is a key part to your bathroom renovation or new home. And if bathroom or shower repairs are needed then would be the perfect time to begin a new shower project. Proper installation is another major concern. Do not trust your bathroom renovation to just anyone. Rot and mildew are the first things noticed after a bad install. Don’t let that happen to you, take advantage of First Class Plumbing’s free estimates.
What types of showers can you upgrade to?

The walk in shower is a great way to wake up and makes for comfortable, easy everyday shower bathing. A seat can be added easily as well as high end double  shower heads, one removable and or one on each side. Shower hardware is decision often made too quickly. There is a vast array of shower hardware for all types. Feel free to inquire of our recommended hardware lines via the contact page.

Tile and style is another big decision. At First Class plumbing we have seen it all and know what most customers love for an end result. A nice dark tile for a calming, elegant look or a lighter color for a vibrant, awakening feel?

Custom Shower & Tub

Marble is a great high end option that always turns out stunning. If you are thinking of updating or renovating for a better look make sure to check out what we have accomplished with custom marble for some of our clients. The Custom Marble Shower page is one of our favorites and the Matching Marble Tub also has it’s own page as well.

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