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Matching Marble Tub

There’s Nothing Like a Bath!

We hope that your are coming from our Custom Marble Shower page and if you haven’t seen this Marble tub’s big brother be sure to take a look. With everything from depth to air jets, this tub deserves it’s showcase. The project began large and ended even larger as Grohe hardware was introduced and the marble was brought in. Before we knew it we had finished quite a special bathroom in Franklin MA.

Remember: When deciding between tile or marble during a bathroom upgrade, renovation or construction there are many pros and cons to consider. Please contact us for inspiration, experienced advice and guidance.

Matching Marble

This bathtub sits next to its matching custom marble shower but it’s not just the stonework that makes this piece a smooth match. The Grohe hardware and creative maple panels earn their place and are a classy touch. There are many tub solutions that are very affordable but quite an upgrade from your standard unit. Yes, even this tub, without marble and maple addons, is quite affordable and could be yours to relax in anytime you wish.






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