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Saniflo Macerator Solutions

This video shows how unused space can be utilized. Saniflo has created hardware to work with this exact situation and makes an ‘extra bathroom’ install a much easier project than most would think possible. With the use of a ‘Macerator,” basement or attic space can easy contain a toilet and shower. This allows for waste water to properly make its way to the sewerage system.

As you can see this system allows for a bathroom installation anywhere. Proper installation varies in each situation and is beyond the scope of this article. There are also far more products and information regarding every home plumbing project. From showers to Jacuzzi tubs we have the experience to make it happen as easily as possible.

is preferred by First Class Plumbing for projects needing a Macerator solution. If you have any questions please inquire through our contact page here.


  1. 12-14-2011

    The Saniflo system is the most popular on the market today!

  2. 12-22-2011

    Awesome video! These must be popular.

  3. 4-12-2013

    I’m looking to enclose my back porch and install a saniflo 1/2 bath.
    do you have someone that can give me a quote

  4. 2-4-2014

    Chris did a great job installing my Saniflow system.

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