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A Clean Install

When it comes to basement systems not only is efficiency and cost a factor but a clean installation is mandatory anywhere in your living space. Yes having your plumbing tucked away as neatly as possible is an area we pride ourselves in. From clean large sized PVC to strategically run copper pipe there are ways to make rough plumbing look “clean”.

A clean rough plumbing installation will speed up the construction process while showing off our craftsmanship. From a new construction perspective the manner that rough plumbing is installed will make for efficient inspections, assure a proper job and solidify our reputation with you.

Remodeling¬†has and always will have high expectations that only the best can meet. Every installation process is critical for a great end result be it a kitchen, bathroom or entire renovation. Don’t put your new favorite room in the hands of just any plumber, go First Class.

First Class Plumbing
Franklin, MA 


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